Post Natal Care


The importance of your wellbeing doesn’t end at birth, in fact it is often beginning. Your self care is important as you recover from birth and continue in motherhood check out MindfulMamma online self-care pack for the 4th Trimester. Ideal continuation to Hypnobirthing or if you haven’t used relaxation tools before and work at your own pace.

Gentle, self guided and can be done in your own time and space, without any pressure.

Your wellbeing in this is so important, we need to have our cups replenished so that we can give to our babies and families and as a woman and mother you are at the centre of this.

Birth Trauma Resolution

In May 2018 I will be training as a Birth Trauma Resolution Practitioner on a RCM (Royal College of Midwifery) accredited training course.

Being able to offer further and deeper support to women through Rewind Therapy and 1:1 sessions to support overcoming the traumatic experiences.


Reiki is a gentle and non-invasive energy therapy that facilitates physical release and relaxation. Safe at any stage, it can be particularly useful post-natally for relaxation, rejuvenation and to assist in recovery after birth for mothers and also fathers.

Birth Reflections Group

This free online and meet up group offers peer-peer support in a safe and non-judgemental way. A place to to heard and listen, meet other mothers and share ideas, knowledge and experience of difficult births and what has supported moving on from these challenging birth experiences.

The private Facebook group offers a confidential and supportive environment to share with other women who have had difficult births.

Inner wellness through pregnancy, birth & motherhood

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