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Enjoy the benefits of Hypnobirthing through your pregnancy as you prepare for birth from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.

Hypnobirthing Techniques Online Course

Designed to be accessed at your convenience, our signature Just Hypnobirthing Online course is now available and  ideal if you want to learn Hypnobirthing techniques as a practical toolkit you and your partner can take into birth to help you feel calm and confident throughout the process.

The course is taught in modules which include video tutorials and worksheets. Audios and resoures are also provided to work through.

work through the easily digested modules at your own pace from whever is comfortable.

This course is great for those who want to learn the techniques stand alone, or to perhaps refresh a course or Hypnobirthing book.  It is also a great addition to birth preparation for those who have taken an antenatal education course such NCT, or as a refresher for those who have used Hypnobirthing previously or have previously had a baby. Access the course here

The online version also comes for a limited time with a free 1:1 45 minute video call, so you can talk through any questions and consider your personal birth more in-depth.

The course includes:

  • What Hypnobirthing is and how is works
  • Practical video tutorials of the key tools and techniques
  • Considering your birth environment and how Hypnobirthing can be useful to you anywhere you birth
  • Birth Partners Role
  • Downloadable Resources & Worksheets
  • Ongoing access to a private online community of fellow Hypnobirthers
  • Access to a fully qualified Hypnobirthing Teacher
  • Relaxation and Hypnobirthing Audio Tracks


£30 one time payment

FREE Facebook Hypnobirthing and Positive Birth Group

If you are pregnant and wanting to find out more about Hypnobirthing or have taken a Hypnobirthing course and would like to stay connected and expand your experience then this Facebook group is for you!

Tranquil Birth Facebook Group

A qualified teacher and specialist practitioners share tips and stories to keep you in the zone and help you develop what you have discovered so far. Plus the more we talk and see about birth the more familiar it is to us, which makes us more comfortable with the process. This is particuarly important for our first birth when the process can bring about natural uncertainity of the unknown.

Also if you are having our second or beyond baby, then refreshing your information and options and connecting with otehrs can help you feel supported and reconnect with the process.

What do you get?

  • Weekly Affirmation
  • Live Q&A with a Hypnobirthing teacher
  • Antenatal Practitioners advice
  • Lived experience from other parents
  • A place of support
  • Continued development after courses
  • Familiarity with birth
  • Confidence & Information




Inner wellness through pregnancy, birth & motherhood

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