Tranquil :

Free from disturbance;

Birth :

The emergence of a baby from the body of its mother; the start of life as a physically separate being.

Tranquil Birth is about giving you practical, accessible Hypnobirthing tools and antenatal information to assist you in preparing for a connected birth experience. As well as considering the physical journey, a Tranquil Birth course gives you resources to look at the emotional journey, so that feels calmer. Inner tranquility, no matter what turns birth may take or how your baby is born.

Birth is a gateway that connects pregnancy to parenthood, it’s important to consider the whole journey, emotionally and physically. Tranquil Birth was started to help transitions feel smoother and you feel confident and equipped at a time of change.

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If you’ve had a challenging birth experience previously, there is support in overcoming and moving on. Join a free birth reflections meet up or explore Birth Trauma Resolution Therapy. Whether you are looking to move forward in parenthood, or pregnant and preparing to give birth again.

About Sakina

I’m Sakina, a KG Hypnobirthing Teacher, Positive Birth Movement Facilitator and Mum of Two.

I started Tranquil Birth after personally having two very different birth experiences and understanding first hand the impact birth experiences have on women and families, at both ends of the scale.

After a challenging first birth experience (you can read about my first experience in this Fabulous article – please read with care), my career path changed from acting to a therapeutic interest. I knew I wanted to support other women who were affected and give them a safe space to be heard and move forward. That birth experience also taught me a lot about myself, my body and what would work for me.

My subsequent birth experience was deeply empowering as I was able to voice my preferences and own my journey led me to train as a Hypnobirthing teacher. I knew I wanted others to have practical tools to help them emotionally & physically through the life changing journey of birth, however they birth plus have a foundation for bigger journey beyond birth. I have since become immersed in birth and am driven by supporting others in creating empowering experiences that are uniquely right for them and overcoming difficult birth experiences, so they can regain a better sense of themselves and wellbeing.

I co-chair Croydon Hospital Maternity Voices Partnership, am a champion for the Maternal Mental Health Alliance and parent ambassador for Make Birth Better.

Sakina Ballard Founder Tranquil Birth

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