5 Ways to Stay Cool in the Heat Whilst Pregnant

5 Ways To Stay Cool whilst Pregnant in the Summer

Whether you are away on holiday or the British summer is proving hot (it happens sometimes…) its not much fun being pregnant when the temperature is rising outside as well as in your body. All the extra blood, heat being generated and the weight of a baby to carry around can be pretty demanding, you may have other symptoms of pregnancy to contend with too.
If you want to cool down, here are a few ideas:

A Trip to The Cinema

The air con is like a dream on a hot day and the dark room is perfect for getting the oxytocin going…
It’s a nice treat for yourself or as a date with your partner, after you have your baby, it may be a while before you feel ready for a trip to the cinema or have time to go out for dates for a while.

A Cool Pool

Our local pool is usually on the cooler side and whilst I don’t find this fun when swimming in December, right now it feel so appealing. There are great outdoor options too and if you are near one, a lido can be a nice day out, or a trip to the beach? Tooting Bec Lido in South London is a local favourite.
Swimming is a great activity for pregnancy for health, fitness and also birth preparation. The water supports the extra weight of the baby and muscles,plus if you are swimming on your front, the gravity can help encourage baby into an optimum position.

Icy Bucket of Water

At the end of a long hot day, you may want instant cooling and relaxation. Try putting your feet in a bucket of cooled or ice water while you relax back. Cooling the feel helps cool the rest of the body and elevating them after can help reduce any swelling around the ankles.
If you already have a little one and are pregnant, try a paddling pool; they get to play, you get to cool off.

Instant Ice Packs

If you are out and about or commuting (lets face it, air con on trains can be unreliable) then these little packs can be in welcome cooling first aid – literally! Usually found in first aid kits you can get them in either heat or cold and the cold versions work well on feet or back of neck on a busy hot commute home or if you are travelling around.
Kool Pak sell some and outdoor shops also sell them.

A Nice Icey Drink

If you are on holiday or even at home at the end of a long day then why not cool down from the inside with an icy mocktail or drink of choice. Alcohol is often reduced during pregnancy but the creativity doesn’t need to be; below is a recipe for a Virgin Mojito and a couple of expectant parents I worked with recently even enjoyed a lovely cold glass of non-alcoholic white wine during a private Hypnobirthing class – perfect on a warm evening!


• GLASS FULL Crushed ice
• HALF A GLASS OF Lemonade OR Ginger Ale
• QUARTER OF A GLASS apple juice
• 1 TEASPOON brown sugar
• 8 SPRIGS OF mint
• ONE lime



Sakina Ballard is a Hypnobirthing Teacher, Positive Birth Movement Facilitator and Birth Trauma Resolution Practitioner in Croydon and South London with a focus on Pregnancy & Mums Wellbeing www.tranquilbirth.co.uk

Hypnobirth classes in South Norwood, Addiscome, Crystal Palace and surrounds of Beckenham, Dulwich, Forest Hill, Sydenham, Selhurst and Clapham.

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