Top Five Gifts for Fathers Day

Tired of beers and novelty gifts?

If you are looking for a practical, stylish and useful gift for a new dad, then here is my tried and tested top five gifts for Fathers Day:

Underground Map Anti Card Clash Wallet – £9.99 

Somewhere to keep everything & techie– The Tube Map Oyster Wallet with anti-card clash means you don’t get those annoying contactless card clashing issues.

If your partner is back at work and commuting, plus needs to know all his cards are in one place then this is the product!

Anti-card clash means there is no worry about the wrong cards getting charged and muddled on the commute or those work swipe cards blocking up the readers at stations and tube ticket machines.

Stylish, with the whole tube map featured and a place to keep everything in one so tired, frazzled fathers don’t have to think too much or worry about forgetting those important cards they use each day. An iconic and fun product that is practical too.

This is a number 1 in our house and I love this too! Keeps me sane on those busy days when I’m out with kids and need to get through ticket barriers without leaving or losing anyone or anything!

Plus it is under £10!

You can get them here.


Books – Great Reading to Inspire, Support and relax the dad in your house – Around £10

My top books for men with babies and children (as recommended!) and that I love to read too are:

Dad F.C  Debut Dads – The First Season of Fatherhood by Alex Goss 

That first year of Fatherhood is new and unknown. As mums it can be daunting enough but for many new dads there isn’t anyone talking to them about the highs and lows, what it is like. This is a great book for any new fathers and dad to be set out in a fun and informative way. Perfect if they are football fan too!

If you follow our Facebook page you will see the live with Alex too.

Get a copy here

The Life of Dad: The Making of a Modern Father by Dr. Anna Machin


I have bought this book just released in 2018 and can’t wait to read it.

How has Fatherhood evolved? What are its roles and functions?

Dr Anna Machin is an anthropologist with an interest in Fatherhood.

Perfect for an expectant dad or established father. I can’t wait to read this either…

(A gift for him, a gift for me)

Available on Amazon

A Beautiful Candle from A House Like This – £8 – £25

If you have been on one of my Hypnobirthing courses or Insta page you will know these are my current number 1 candle for work and play.

Amazingly scented made from Soya Wax (no animal fats) and beautifully packaged in a way that appeals to men.

Dads need relaxation and to get their oxytocin flowing too (great one for Dads to be!) in order to feel mentally well and ready for the demands of Fatherhood. A great mix of scents from ambers to citrons (none too sickly sweet either)

Plus you get to enjoy it when be burns them – win, win! Order it here.


This Works Sleep Set – £35 

I love this sleep spray and Mr C has become a massive fan of a sleep mask over the last year.

If you are awake in the night feeding or working or reading (does anyone have time to read??) then Daddy can still get his 40 winks.

Sleep is so important for physical and mental health and as any parent knows, a greatly valued commodity when you have children.

Give him a helping hand with this lovely set, again with neutral packaging and a scent that is relaxing and not sweet.

A Massage or Treatment – £40

I haven’t linked this one in as finding someone local to you is key here but this is a great gift for any dad.

For those with babies they may carry around then muscle release is bliss. For any parent of older kids, lets face it we are constantly knackered and laying down releasing tension is a great and lovely thing.

Try deep tissue massage or aromatherapy or even a reflexology treatment, Mr C’s new favourite.

If you’re not sure where to start Neal’s Yard often have therapy rooms with different practitioners. If you’re in South London (Norwood, Crystal Palace, Beckenham) or Croydon, get in touch with me for a deeply rejuvenating Reiki session.

Whatever you choose, I hope they love receiving it and you have a great day celebrating the important role fathers and men play in our lives.

Sakina is a Hypnobirthing and Birth Trauma Resolution Practitioner who supports parents in South London, Norwood, Croydon and Surrounds.

Get in touch at or check out

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