Antenatal Courses & Postnatal Therapy in South London, Central London & Online

Practical tools and Hypnobirthing techniques for a calmer and more confident birth. Wherever and however you give birth.

After the emotions of finding out you’re pregnant do you find yourself with the realisation you will need to give birth?  How does this make you feel?

Birth is often reflected as being challenging and difficult. We may have heard stories that leave us feeling nervous or had an experience previously thathas left us worried about birthing again.

Perhaps you already feel that birth can be empowering and want to gain tangible tools to support your own experience.

For many of us, we have some anxiety around birth, the images are surrounded by in the media mainly show it to be rushed and painful.

Yet birth really can be calm and positive and can feel like an empowering experience that is connected to you.

Tranquil Birth courses both in person and online offer a practical toolkit with Hypnobirthing techniques that you and your birth partner can use in birth to feel more confident about the process and create a positive birth experience.  Antenatal courses offer tools to use through pregnancy and into birth itself, alongside a wealth of evidence based information, so you are informed about your choices in birth

There is no ‘right way’ to birth, only the way that feels positive to you, your baby and your partner. All the Tranquil Birth courses support you feeling at the centre of your birth experience by making the toolkit work for you.

If you have had a difficult birth experience previously sessions in Birth Trauma Resolution Therapy can support you in processing the emotions of your birth.  A challenging birth can leave a shadow through your parenting life and inner wellness, having a safe therapeutic space to work through the experience gives the space for release, understanding and moving forward in a positive way.

Is hypnobirthing for me?

Hypnobirthing can be used by anyone in any birth situation, giving you to have tools to stay calm and connected to birth and manage the physical sensations of labour.

Whether you are birthing at home or in hospital, with an epidural or in a birth pool, with an elective caesarean or vaginally having your first or beyond baby, the Tranquil Birth toolkit gives you confidence and techniques to use to keep your mind and body calmly connected to the process.

Hypnobirthing techniques also aid stress reduction through pregnancy and birth, allowing a smoother transition into early family life for mother, father and baby.

Whether you want to learn in a group, 121, or from the comfort of your own home our classes and courses cover the Central London (West End), South London (Norwood, Crystal Palace, Beckenham, Dulwich and surrounds) and are also Online.

Our courses also range from short one day Hypnobirthing course, to a 10 hour Hypnobirthing Antenatal course which is Hypnobirthing and NCT style birth choice information. VBAC, Gentle Caesarean and Breech Baby sessions are also available.

  • I know I'm going to look back on this as a hugely positive experience - exactly the birth I wanted and I felt a lot more connected to it this time round. Thank you for all your hypnobirthing wisdom and calm focus!

  • Special thank you for your pre-plan and support of her, you may have spent only 2 sessions with her, but truly can see the benefits of what you did for her.

  • I can’t describe how grateful we are for your help and guidance, which transformed our experience into something that was tough, but definitely positive!

  • I feel like I’ve come so far from my initial fears about birth and concerns about how it would be at the hospital. And I can even imagine giving it another go - one day!

  • Our daughter was delivered by assisted delivery, so not quite what I had hoped for but the Hypnobirthing helped so much to keep me calm throughout - I can't thank you enough for that.

  • I cannot thank you enough for the information and guidance you gave me in the Hypnobirthing sessions. It gave me the opportunity to make informed decisions and really embrace and enjoy my pregnancy and birthing experience. What was surprising was that I remained so calm during my surges...

Positive Birth Movement Norwood

Free Monthly Positive Birth Movement Groups run in South London.

Come along and discuss and discover new ideas about birth in a non-judgemental environment. We discuss a different topic each month.

The groups are a place for ALL pregnant women and those who care about Positive Birth – regardless of their background, experience or choices – to come together and share experiences, thoughts, feelings and insight about childbirth.

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