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Practical tools and hypnobirthing techniques for a confident & emotionally well birth, however you birth

Thanks for checking out Tranquil Birth, we offer Hypnobirthing Antenatal courses and Birth Trauma Resolution Therapy in London and Online.

Tranquil Birth is a fresh approach to your antenatal preparation, setting you up  with a practical toolkit to support you; including hypnobirthing techniques, evidence based birth information and tools for your emotional wellebing through the transitions plus how to make these work in your birth.

Birth matters, whilst it may only last for a short time, the impact of the experience remains with us, so creating an empowered experience is important for us, our babies and our partners.

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If you’ve had a difficult birth experience previously, sessions in Birth Trauma Resolution Therapy can support you in processing the emotions around your birth.  A challenging birth can leave a shadow over your life, parenting and inner wellness.  Having a safe therapeutic space to work through the experience gives you a chance to share, release and move forward in your life in a way that you want to.

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What Tranquil Birth Offers

Tranquil Birth brings together various aspects of antenatal preparation to give you a comprehensive foundation that prepares you for birth.

  • Practical tools to to keep you and your birth partner grounded and calm through the physical sensations of labour such as breathing and relaxation techniques. Click here or sign-up below for a free audio relaxation so you can try for yourself (plus there’s an exclusive offer).
  • Evidence based birth information so you understand your birth choices alongside NCT style antenatal education.
  • A fresh and informed understanding of what is happening in the body during birth; the actual physiology, so you can reduce fear and know what’s going on and what to expect.
  • Ways to work with whatever happens in birth and feel confident about making decisions.
  • Understanding how and why a birth partner is important and working to make sure everyone has a confident experience of birth, including how your partner can really support birth.

Whether you are birthing at home or in hospital, with an epidural or in a birth pool, with an elective caesarean or vaginally having your first or beyond baby, the Tranquil Birth toolkit gives you confidence and techniques to use to keep your mind and body calm and connected.

All of this is presented in a logical, realistic and practical way.  Tranquility is how you feel in birth, not about how your birth looks.

Our group courses are in South London; South Norwood, Crystal Palace, Beckenham, Addiscombe.  Private classes are taught throughts London and the surrounds.

The group courses range from a 5 hour One Day Hypnobirthing course, perfect for those taking an NCT course, to a 10 hour Hypnobirthing Antenatal course which is Hypnobirthing plus NCT style birth choice information.

If you want to go through a hypnobirthing course in your own time, our online course is affordable and designed for you to work through at your pace from the comfort of your home or get in touch about private 121 sessions from your home.

VBAC, Gentle Caesarean and Breech Baby and birthing after Birth Trauma sessions are also available privately.

With every course you get resources, a community of support, via a closed Facebook group, meet-ups and from the teacher.

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What Others Say About Tranquil Birth…

Felt like I learnt so much from the 1 to 1 day course .. me and my partner enjoyed the day .. Sakina made us feel very comfortable and explained everything so well!! Emily 5* Facebook Review

My partner and I enjoyed a really lovely hypnobirthing session with Sakina. Learning hypnobirthing breathing and relaxation techniques but also being able to openly discuss pregnancy, birth and early parenthood in a welcoming environment. Considered and thoughtful post course materials and information are extremely helpful to guide our next steps. Would certainly recommend this as a first time parent, but also to share the session with experienced parents and learning from each other. Incredible value! Lucy 5* Facebook Review

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